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when you fuck up and realize there’s nothing you can do so you just accept it


Teiko treated victory as the utmost and only important thing in the whole world, and it projected that mentality about the Generation of Miracles.

They were simply middle-school teenage boys who were extremely talented at what they do, and they loved it. They all loved basketball in their own way and were passionate about it, and Teiko simply used that. It taught them that victory had to be their one goal, above all, and that losing or falling short was just an unthinkable sin. It built them up and wrecked them at the same exact time because one: they were told that they were the undefeated miracles, the greatest at what they do. But then again two: they were told that they couldn’t ever be anything other than the undefeated miracles.

And meanwhile, amidst all that, you have Kuroko. With all the shit that he had been getting about not shining brightly like the other five, with all the doubt, he continued on. He worked for the team, and he put it before all else. He valued team spirit, and the only reason he wanted to win was because of the happiness it would bring to him and the whole team at seeing their hard work being rewarded. He worked relentlessly without being asked or thanked, and then he had to watch as all of the five he considered his teammates transformed to think only about themselves, to think only about singlehandedly bringing victory and forget what teamwork is. 

And it was all because Teiko made them into that. And Kuroko disliked Teiko for it, but he never hated basketball, he never lost his love and absolute passion for it, he never lost his drive to prove that teamwork is the real utmost important thing. 

And more importantly, he never stopped caring about the five boys even despite all that happened. And all he wants is to prove that his basketball is worthy, and to make them all fall in love with basketball again and be happy while playing. 

Because he’s just so fucking pure and sweet and nice like that. And it kills me to no end seeing all the shit that he has to go through. AND IT KILLS ME TO NO END HOW HE NEVER CHANGES THROUGH IT ALL AND STAYS FUCKING GOLDEN-HEARTED. 

Kuroko is simply amazing, and that’s a fact set in stone. 

I love these new "type these words into your tags box and post the first tag that automatically pops up" thingies, so fun. Let’s do another one:

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I was interested in everything and committed to nothing.

Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram. (via bubblybodt)

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Hail Hydra

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